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Google Reviews

Kenji is a true artist and his entire focus was on what was best for my needs. With his background in film, he was able to bring a unique perspective to his work. His creativity, attention to detail and efficient use of time were refreshing! Thanks Kenji for a great experience.

Buz M.

September, 2019

Kenji is an amazing photographer! My professional head-shots turned out beautifully! I am so proud to hand over my business card, and send out E Blasts with my new head-shot. Thank you Kenji for capturing those perfect pictures. You are a true artist!!!

Tiffany M.

September, 2019

So I recently got a headshot from Kenji Kubota and I have to say it was an awesome experience to say the least. From booking my appointment to locating the studio, Kenji and his partner we’re very involved. They made sure the time worked, allayed any nervousness I had even before showing up and when I did finally show up, I have to say that it was an experience like I’ve never had before. Firstly, the photo studio is amazing. Well put together, very modern and his cameras are just state of the art. Kenji totally went out of his way for me, it was my first time having a professional photographer take pictures of me and he was so encouraging, so patient, so professional (never knew having pictures taken of you could be this hard). The man’s attention to detail is scary but in a good way. He took several shots, looking for the perfect shot. I was scared that my time would run out and it did but he was more focused on getting that shot than anything else. I can go on and on but I’m sure by now you get the picture. I am so impressed that I’m taking my mom who is visiting for a photo tomorrow (3days after mine). Lastly a big shout-out to Mrs Kenji. She handles the business side of the studio and all I can say is Kenji is super lucky to have you as his business partner. I can’t thank you guys enough for my experience and best believe, you have a customer in me. Oh and by the way, my pictures came out amazingggg.

Cece I.

September, 2019

Working with Kenji was both a professional and personal pleasure. With him, the shot is his focus, not the time. His abilities, personality, and passion made my job easy. Not to mention, his studio is really Boss! I’m sure what ever look you want, he can and will provide.

John F.

September, 2019

I had my headshot done at Kenji Kubota HEADshot Photography for my job applications. He was extremely personable and professional. Kenji took all necessary time to capture the perfect headshot! His calm demeanor made me feel comfortable throughout the photoshoot. Additionally, he is very personable and makes it easy to laugh and smile naturally. After taking photos, Kenji makes it easy to review and select the preferred pictures for editing and finalizing. I would highly recommend his work if you are looking for a high quality headshot with a photographer who is truly enthusiastic and professional. Five Stars!

Tyler T

September, 2019

I wanted a quick but professional headshot done in between a flight through Atlanta International Airport and a meeting I had in North Carolina. Kenji accommodated my short notice and inconvenient hours and managed to shoot a plethora of headshots within 30 minutes, each of which would have been an excellent final. He has a gentle and sweet demeanor, a diligence that gets the job done on time, and a skill that literally brings out the best in my face without losing authenticity. I am not one that generally likes photos of myself. Fantastic lighting and use of it. Makes all the difference. In all my years of practicing law and other personal endeavors, the headshot Kenji finalized for me within 24 hours of the shoot is, hands down, the best professional photo I have ever had of myself. His new studio across the street from the Marta station in Chamblee is fab and makes access amazingly easy. Looking forward to sending friends to you, Kenji. Thanks for giving me an excellent product!

Denise T

August, 2019

Kenji Kubota, is an artist with photography. He made me feel relaxed, and it was easy for me to be natural. Kenji’s attention to details on the head shots are beautiful.
I wanted photos that are professional for the travel website. That was definitely achieved. Thank you, Kenji.

I would highly recommend Kenji Kobuta Photography!

Anne M

July, 2019

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